You've come to the right place to learn the true story about how the Internet was invented, and who was the designer. This remarkable story is revealed in the illustrated children's book and iPad app called "It's Cool To Be Clever: The story of Edson C. Hendricks, the genius who invented the design for the Internet". You can see some of the content of the app on this site, and read blog entries by Edson Hendricks. You can even send in your questions for Edson or for Leanne Jones who wrote the story. Subscribe today. And don't forget to LIKE us, please!

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E-Book against bullying NOW FREE – Cool to Be Clever is TOP RATED

Do you have an iPad? Even if you don't, I would really appreciate it if you would pass along the news to everyone you know that COOL TO BE CLEVER, the top-rated iPad enhanced storytelling app, will be available for FREE at Apple's App Store until the end of this month. Anyone who has (or is) a kid, or is curious in the surprising back-story behind the invention of the design for the Internet will enjoy this wonderfully unique app. The narrated, beautifully illustrated story (and video … [Read More...]

The Daily Shaw TV

E-Book against bullying

  On the Daily Shaw TV -  To Download the App visit http://bit.ly/CooltobeClever … [Read More...]


NEW angle on SOPA from the man who invented the Internet design

Well, at least *they* (game companies) aren't stupid, but I still don't get it ....  How could any US law "take down" a web site?  What would keep the web site from moving outside the reach of US law, which should be pretty easy?  The only thing they might be able to do would be just to outlaw the whole Internet altogether, but that probably wouldn't work either and the consequences would cost a lot more than anyone would be ready to pay.  It's all silly, and 'twas ever thus. I have one or … [Read More...]

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